29 December 2009

5 Habits to break in 2010

Everyone, and I mean everyone, has a bad habit (or three), and even if you’re not the resolution type, making one change this year can do wonders for your health, looks and self-esteem. Here are five common not-so-great habits, and how to break ’em for good.

1.) Bad habit: Nail Biting

Stop now: Biting your nails makes for ugly hands and over time can interfere with normal nail growth, damage the outer layer of your teeth, and cause nail deformities such as split nails. Harmful bacteria such as staphylococcus also live underneath nails—and you don't want to chew on that.

Break it: Go for a professional manicure once every 2 or 3 weeks, suggests Angelica Kaner, PhD, a clinical professor at Yale University Medical School, because when your nails look pretty, you'll be less likely to snack on them. At the very least, keep your nails trimmed short—you'll have less nail to bite, and that harmful bacteria has less space to grow. Nail biting is also a nervous habit that is often an expression of s

ome deeper anxiety. "Ask yourself why you're feeling anxious," Kaner says. You can also try substituting a new, healthy behavior—instead of biting your nails, rub in a cuticle cream or oil.

Save money with home manicures

2.) Bad habit: Forgetting to Floss

Flossing helps prevent gum disease and keeps your teeth and gums looking good, but it may also stave off non-mouth-rela

ted diseases: A 2005 study in the journal Circulation showed that older adults with higher levels of four gum disease-causing bacteria in their mouths also tend to have thicker carotid arteries, which raise the risk of stroke and heart attack. That's scary business, because 90% of dentists say that most patients don't floss regularly.

Break it: Buy a floss-holding device, such as the Flossmate Floss Holder to make the process easier and faster. In an Indiana University study, 50% of previous nonflossers were doing so regularly 6 months after intro

ducing floss to their routine; 85% of the new flossers used a holding device—only 15% preferred doing without the aid. Then incorporate flossing into your morning routine before or after brushing.

Surprising habits that protect your pearly whites

3) Bad habit: Late Nigh

t Fridge Raiding

Eating late at night in itself isn't bad for you, but chances are you're eating cold pizza instead of apple slices. Adding those extra calories does the late-night damage, according to a 2005 Oregon Health & Science University study. Snacking late at night can also exacerbate symptoms for those prone to heartburn, a

s lying down after eating makes it easier for stomach acid to flow into the esophagus.

Break it Boredom, not hunger, is of the root cause of late-night eating, says Pamela Peeke, MD, author of Fit to Live. Once the craving hits, focus on an activity that engages you until it's time to go to sleep, such as e-mail, a crossword puzzle, or meditation. It's also common for people to chow down while watching TV. In fact, a study from the Smell and Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago found that people who were allowed to eat as many potato chips as they wanted ate 44% more chips while watching Letterman than while not watching TV. Keep your hands busy while yo

u watch by folding laundry, using your BlackBerry, or knitting—that way you won't be tempted to break out the Ruffles.

Ate too much? Erase the damage with this simple plan.

4) Bad habit: Smoking

We don't need to remind you of all the health risks associated with smoking (heart attack, lung cancer, emphysema, and cancer of the mouth, throat, stomach, bladder, kidney, and cervix), but here's one you might not have considered: money. Lots of it. The cost of one pack plus taxes averages $4.49, so if you smoke a pack a day, you're turning a whopping $1,639 a year into nothing but smoke, ashes, and nice black spots on your formerly pretty pink lungs.

Break it: Ask your doctor about drugs that can help kick-start your quitting process and help you combat cravings and withdrawal. For instance, Zyban, an antidepressant, helps reduce psychological withdrawal symptoms such as frustration, restlessness, anxiety, and irritability. Chantix blocks the effects of nicotine on your brain, which helps reduce cravings. According to a study, 44% of smokers were able to quit after 12 weeks using Chantix, and another study showed that Zyban was nearly twice as effective as a nicotine patch in helping smokers quit.

11 biggest health sins

5) Bad habit: Sun Worshipping

Blame it on Coco Chanel—before she returned golden brown from a Mediterranean vacation in the 1920s, pale skin was in. But until the Morticia Addams look comes back in style, stick to self-tanning lotion: The sun's UV rays damage your skin's DNA, increasing your risk of skin cancer (not to mention sunspots, sagging skin, and wrinkles). In fact, as much as 90% of wrinkles, brown spots, and sagging are caused by sun damage, according to the American Skin Association.

Break it: Wear sunscreen daily on the parts of your body that are exposed to the sun, even during winter. The skin cancer foundation recommends applying 1 ounce of SPF 15 sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection to your entire body 30 minutes before going outside on a typical day, and then reapply every 2 hours. If you're spending the day outdoors, wear a wide-brimmed hat and cover exposed skin with clothing, preferably with built-in sunscreen.

6 easy-to-use sunscreens

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27 December 2009

Hidden Skype Emoticons, Smileys

Hidden Skype Emoticons, Smileys

Did you know that Skype have hidden emoticons? No! Below is a list of the all hidden emoticons that I know and use chatting with my friends.

How to use hidden emoticons? Actually it is pretty simple – you just need to enter the smiley code while chatting with your friends – for example type ‘(drunk)’ to display smiley who have had couple beers :)

Say it quickly with an emoticon

With a single emoticon you can let people know exactly how you feel. From a smiley face when you’re happy, to the thumbs up emoticon when you agree with something. There are dozens of emoticons to choose from, and we even have a few special naughty emoticons as well – use them wisely...

Emoticon shortcuts

There are lots of emotions and smileys to choose from – happy or sad faces, little dances, and a few *cough* naughty ones as well.

  • :) :-)
  • :( :-(
  • :D :-D
  • 8)
  • :o
  • ;(
  • (sweat)
  • :|
  • :*
  • :P
  • :$
  • :^)
  • |-)
  • |(
  • (inlove)
  • ;)
  • ]:)
  • (talk)
  • (yawn)
  • (puke)
  • (doh)
  • :@
  • (wasntme)
  • (party)
  • :S
  • (mm)
  • 8-|
  • :X
  • (hi)
  • (call)
  • (devil)
  • (angel)
  • (envy)
  • (wait)
  • (makeup)
  • (chuckle)
  • (clap)
  • (think)
  • (emo)
  • (rofl)
  • (whew)
  • (happy)
  • (nod)
  • (shake)
  • (smirk)
  • (punch)
  • (bow)
  • (hug)
  • (y)
  • (n)
  • (handshake)
  • (skype)
  • (L)
  • (u)
  • (e)
  • (F)
  • (rain)
  • (sun)
  • (o)
  • (music)
  • (~)
  • (mp)
  • (coffee)
  • (pizza)
  • (cash)
  • (muscle)
  • (^)
  • (beer)
  • (d)
  • (dance)
  • (ninja)
  • (*)

Hidden Flag Emoticons

Skype also includes about 237 flag emoticons, representing the different national flags of just about every country and nation.

To use these hidden flags, you need to type the following code:


Where XX should be replaced with the code of the country whose flag you want to display. For example, (flag:us) will display an American flag, (flag:ca) a Canadian flag and so on.

(flag:AF) Afghanistan

(flag:AL) Albania, People's Socialist Republic of

(flag:DZ) Algeria, People's Democratic Republic of

(flag:AS) American Samoa

(flag:AD) Andorra, Principality of

(flag:AO) Angola, Republic of

(flag:AI) Anguilla

(flag:AQ) Antarctica (the territory South of 60 deg S)

(flag:AG) Antigua and Barbuda

(flag:AR) Argentina, Argentine Republic

(flag:AM) Armenia

(flag:AW) Aruba

(flag:AU) Australia, Commonwealth of

(flag:AT) Austria, Republic of

(flag:AZ) Azerbaijan, Republic of

(flag:BS) Bahamas, Commonwealth of the

(flag:BH) Bahrain, Kingdom of

(flag:BD) Bangladesh, People's Republic of

(flag:BB) Barbados

(flag:BY) Belarus

(flag:BE) Belgium, Kingdom of

(flag:BZ) Belize

(flag:BJ) Benin (was Dahomey), People's Republic of

(flag:BM) Bermuda

(flag:BT) Bhutan, Kingdom of

(flag:BO) Bolivia, Republic of

(flag:BA) Bosnia and Herzegovina

(flag:BW) Botswana, Republic of

(flag:BR) Brazil, Federative Republic of

(flag:IO) British Indian Ocean Territory (Chagos Archipelago)

(flag:VG) British Virgin Islands

(flag:BN) Brunei Darussalam

(flag:BG) Bulgaria, People's Republic of

(flag:BF) Burkina Faso (was Upper Volta)

(flag:BI) Burundi, Republic of

(flag:KH) Cambodia, Kingdom of (was Khmer Republic/Kampuchea, Democratic)

(flag:CM) Cameroon, United Republic of

(flag:CA) Canada

(flag:CV) Cape Verde, Republic of

(flag:KY) Cayman Islands

(flag:CF) Central African Republic

(flag:TD) Chad, Republic of

(flag:CL) Chile, Republic of

(flag:CN) China, People's Republic of

(flag:CX) Christmas Island

(flag:CC) Cocos (Keeling) Islands

(flag:CO) Colombia, Republic of

(flag:KM) Comoros, Union of the

(flag:CD) Congo, Democratic Republic of (was Zaire)

(flag:CG) Congo, People's Republic of

(flag:CK) Cook Islands

(flag:CR) Costa Rica, Republic of

(flag:CI) Cote D'Ivoire, Ivory Coast, Republic of the

(flag:CU) Cuba, Republic of

(flag:CY) Cyprus, Republic of

(flag:CZ) Czech Republic

(flag:DK) Denmark, Kingdom of

(flag:DJ) Djibouti, Republic of (was French Afars and Issas)

(flag:DM) Dominica, Commonwealth of

(flag:DO) Dominican Republic

(flag:EC) Ecuador, Republic of

(flag:EG) Egypt, Arab Republic of

(flag:SV) El Salvador, Republic of

(flag:GQ) Equatorial Guinea, Republic of

(flag:ER) Eritrea

(flag:EE) Estonia

(flag:ET) Ethiopia

(flag:FO) Faeroe Islands

(flag:FK) Falkland Islands (Malvinas)

(flag:FJ) Fiji, Republic of the Fiji Islands

(flag:FI) Finland, Republic of

(flag:FR) France, French Republic

(flag:GF) French Guiana

(flag:PF) French Polynesia

(flag:TF) French Southern Territories

(flag:GA) Gabon, Gabonese Republic

(flag:GM) Gambia, Republic of the

(flag:GE) Georgia

(flag:DE) Germany

(flag:GH) Ghana, Republic of

(flag:GI) Gibraltar

(flag:GR) Greece, Hellenic Republic

(flag:GL) Greenland

(flag:GD) Grenada

(flag:GP) Guadaloupe

(flag:GU) Guam

(flag:GT) Guatemala, Republic of

(flag:GN) Guinea, Revolutionary People's Rep'c of

(flag:GW) Guinea-Bissau, Republic of (was Portuguese Guinea)

(flag:GY) Guyana, Republic of

(flag:HT) Haiti, Republic of

(flag:HM) Heard and McDonald Islands

(flag:VA) Holy See (Vatican City State)

(flag:HN) Honduras, Republic of

(flag:HK) Hong Kong, Special Administrative Region of China

(flag:HR) Hrvatska (Croatia)

(flag:HU) Hungary, Hungarian People's Republic

(flag:IS) Iceland, Republic of

(flag:IN) India, Republic of

(flag:ID) Indonesia, Republic of

(flag:IR) Iran, Islamic Republic of

(flag:IQ) Iraq, Republic of

(flag:IE) Ireland

(flag:IL) Israel, State of

(flag:IT) Italy, Italian Republic

(flag:JM) Jamaica

(flag:JP) apan

(flag:JO) Jordan, Hashemite Kingdom of

(flag:KZ) Kazakhstan, Republic of

(flag:KE) Kenya, Republic of

(flag:KI) Kiribati, Republic of (was Gilbert Islands)

(flag:KP) Korea, Democratic People's Republic of

(flag:KR) Korea, Republic of

(flag:KW) uwait, State of

(flag:KG) Kyrgyz Republic

(flag:LA) Lao People's Democratic Republic

(flag:LV) Latvia

(flag:LB) Lebanon, Lebanese Republic

(flag:LS) Lesotho, Kingdom of

(flag:LR) Liberia, Republic of

(flag:LY) Libyan Arab Jamahiriya

(flag:LI) Liechtenstein, Principality of

(flag:LT) Lithuania

(flag:LU) Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of

(flag:MO) Macao, Special Administrative Region of China

(flag:MK) Macedonia, the former Yugoslav Republic of

(flag:MG) Madagascar, Republic of

(flag:MW) Malawi, Republic of

(flag:MY) Malaysia

(flag:MV) Maldives, Republic of

(flag:ML) Mali, Republic of

(flag:MT) Malta, Republic of

(flag:MH) Marshall Islands

(flag:MQ) Martinique

(flag:MR) Mauritania, Islamic Republic of

(flag:MU) Mauritius

(flag:YT) Mayotte

(flag:MX) Mexico, United Mexican States

(flag:FM) Micronesia, Federated States of

(flag:MD) Moldova, Republic of

(flag:MC) Monaco, Principality of

(flag:MN) Mongolia, Mongolian People's Republic

(flag:MS) Montserrat

(flag:MA) Morocco, Kingdom of

(flag:MZ) Mozambique, People's Republic of

(flag:MM) Myanmar (was Burma)

(flag:NA) Namibia

(flag:NR) Nauru, Republic of

(flag:NP) Nepal, Kingdom of

(flag:AN) Netherlands Antilles

(flag:NL) Netherlands, Kingdom of the

(flag:NC) New Caledonia

(flag:NZ) New Zealand

(flag:NI) Nicaragua, Republic of

(flag:NE) Niger, Republic of the

(flag:NG) Nigeria, Federal Republic of

(flag:NU) Niue, Republic of

(flag:NF) Norfolk Island

(flag:MP) Northern Mariana Islands

(flag:NO) Norway, Kingdom of

(flag:OM) Oman, Sultanate of (was Muscat and Oman)

(flag:PK) Pakistan, Islamic Republic of

(flag:PW) Palau

(flag:PS) Palestinian Territory, Occupied

(flag:PA) Panama, Republic of

(flag:PG) Papua New Guinea

(flag:PY) Paraguay, Republic of

(flag:PE) Peru, Republic of

(flag:PH) Philippines, Republic of the

(flag:PN) Pitcairn Island

(flag:PL) Poland, Polish People's Republic

(flag:PT) Portugal, Portuguese Republic

(flag:PR) Puerto Rico

(flag:QA) Qatar, State of

(flag:RE) Reunion

(flag:RO) Romania, Socialist Republic of

(flag:RU) Russian Federation

(flag:RW) Rwanda, Rwandese Republic

(flag:SH) St. Helena

(flag:KN) St. Kitts and Nevis

(flag:LC) St. Lucia

(flag:PM) St. Pierre and Miquelon

(flag:VC) St. Vincent and the Grenadines

(flag:WS) Samoa, Independent State of (was Western Samoa)

(flag:SM) San Marino, Republic of

(flag:ST) Sao Tome and Principe, Democratic Republic of

(flag:SA) Saudi Arabia, Kingdom of

(flag:SN) Senegal, Republic of

(flag:CS) Serbia and Montenegro

(flag:SC) Seychelles, Republic of

(flag:SL) Sierra Leone, Republic of

(flag:SG) Singapore, Republic of

(flag:SK) Slovakia (Slovak Republic)

(flag:SI) Slovenia

(flag:SB) Solomon Islands (was British Solomon Islands)

(flag:SO) Somalia, Somali Republic

(flag:ZA) South Africa, Republic of

(flag:GS) South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands

(flag:ES) Spain, Spanish State

(flag:LK) Sri Lanka, Democratic Socialist Republic of (was Ceylon)

(flag:SD) Sudan, Democratic Republic of the

(flag:SR) Suriname, Republic of

(flag:SZ) Swaziland, Kingdom of

(flag:SE) Sweden, Kingdom of

(flag:CH) Switzerland, Swiss Confederation

(flag:SY) Syrian Arab Republic

(flag:TW) Taiwan, Province of China

(flag:TJ) Tajikistan

(flag:TZ) Tanzania, United Republic of

(flag:TH) Thailand, Kingdom of

(flag:TL) Timor-Leste, Democratic Republic of

(flag:TG) Togo, Togolese Republic

(flag:TK) Tokelau (Tokelau Islands)

(flag:TO) Tonga, Kingdom of

(flag:TT) Trinidad and Tobago, Republic of

(flag:TN) Tunisia, Republic of

(flag:TR) Turkey, Republic of

(flag:TM) Turkmenistan

(flag:TC) Turks and Caicos Islands

(flag:TV) Tuvalu (was part of Gilbert & Ellice Islands)

(flag:VI) US Virgin Islands

(flag:UG) Uganda, Republic of

(flag:UA) Ukraine

(flag:AE) United Arab Emirates (was Trucial States)

(flag:GB) United Kingdom of Great Britain & N. Ireland

(flag:UM) United States Minor Outlying Islands

(flag:US) United States of America

(flag:UY) Uruguay, Eastern Republic of

(flag:UZ) Uzbekistan

(flag:VU) Vanuatu (was New Hebrides)

(flag:VE) Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of

(flag:VN) Viet Nam, Socialist Republic of (was Democratic Republic of & Republic of)

(flag:WF) Wallis and Futuna Islands

(flag:EH) Western Sahara (was Spanish Sahara)

(flag:YE) Yemen

(flag:ZM) Zambia, Republic of

(flag:ZW) Zimbabwe (was Southern Rhodesia)

14 December 2009

Salam.. sharing a well written article from a humble young woman .
Pls Fwd to other women too..

Women, respect yourself


Dec 7, 06 4:01pm

This is an open letter to all women. I would like to share my thoughts about being a woman. It is sad when we see women being treated like trash. But then again, let us answer truthfully - have we caused our own downfall?

Now, before I have a string of women affairs NGOs commenting on how backward people like me are, I have one simple question for them - do you lock your houses at night when you are away from home? You do, dont you - to prevent thieves and robbers from entering. Same for your cars. We lock and install expensive tracking and alarm systems to prevent theft. Prevention is better cure.

So why do people take offence when we ask women to dress decently as a preventive measure? Now dont give me stupid answers like women wearing the tudung and children also get raped. Because that is a stupid answer. Houses with full alarm systems and locked doors also get broken into but do we stop locking our doors? Do we stop taking precautions?

Let us be practical. Of course, decent dressing has different interpretations. A woman with a tudung but tight, figure-hugging kebaya and showing plenty of cleavage is not decent. And neither are those Britney Spears and Madonna wannabes we see at Jalan Bukit Bintang and the malls.

Why do I care about how these girls dress? Because it comes back to how women are perceived in society. When women dress skimpily to promote F1 racing for example, it lowers our dignity. When we do scandalous photo shoots, we lose respect as we are looked upon as sex objects.

If men are abusive towards certain women, it is because they do not respect women. When women voluntarily become mistresses with no sense of shame, men start looking at women lowly.

Remember the movie Fatal Attraction? The character by Glenn Close was the evil one. Moviegoers sympathised more with the character played by Michael Douglas. In a similar real life, people will still sympathise with the husband because the other woman is deemed a home wrecker with no sense of morals.

I believe the time has come for women to take stock of their lives. Please stand up and be counted. You do not need a man to make it in this world. You do not have to compromise your dignity by living with an abusive man. You do not have to allow sick men take nude shots of you, even if he is your husband, if you are not comfortable with it. I know of married men who show pictures of their wives in the nude for others to see.

First, you must have respect for yourself. Then earn respect from others through your intelligence and perseverance. If you are busy pulling down a skirt which is too short, do you think people will respect you? Try doing that and see what happens.

And if you keep trying to snare a rich man, especially if he is married, that doesnt bode well for us women who want to make it through hard work and our own strength. Get married only to men who respect you, not those who treat you as a sex object. Only when he respects you will it mean that he truly loves you.

Fathil @ Putra-7 ®™

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07 December 2009

Demo by commandos of Maritime Squadron of Malaysian Army Special Operation Group 21

Demo by commandos of Maritime Squadron of Malaysian Army Special Operation Group 21


A man playing the role of a hostage is rescued by Maritime Squadron commandos of Malaysian Army Special Operation Group 21 during a demonstration to launch an expedition with their new Sealegs amphibious boats around the Malaysian peninsula, in Putrajaya outside Kuala Lumpur November 20, 2009. REUTERS/Bazuki Muhammad (MALAYSIA MILITARY SOCIETY)


Commandos of Maritime Squadron, Malaysian Army Special Operation Group 21, release smoke during a rescue demonstration to launch an expedition with their Sealegs amphibious boats around the Malaysia’s peninsula, in Putrajaya outside Kuala Lumpur November 20, 2009. REUTERS/Bazuki Muhammad (MALAYSIA)


A man playing the role of a hostage is rescued by Maritime Squadron commandos of Malaysian Army Special Operation Group 21 during a demonstration to launch an expedition with their new Sealegs amphibious boats around the Malaysian peninsula, in Putrajaya outside Kuala Lumpur November 20, 2009. REUTERS/Bazuki Muhammad (MALAYSIA MILITARY SOCIETY)

And below is us, on the amphibious boat, trying to look at the best…


Kuala Lumpur 20 November 2009 :

Kuala Lumpur 20 November 2009 : Members of the Malaysian commandos of Maritime Squadron of Special Operation Group 21 are lifted to a helicopter during a demonstration of their skills in Putrajaya, Malaysia, 20 November 2009. EPA

06 December 2009

Dua maut kereta terjunam dari parkir pasar raya

jatuh_mall2.jpg (400×225)

Dua maut kereta terjunam dari parkir pasar raya

06/12/2009 8:26pm

KOTA BAHARU 6 Dis. — Dua pelajar perempuan sebuah kolej kejururawatan Masterskill cawangan Kota Baharu maut manakala seorang lagi parah apabila sebuah kereta terjunam dari tingkat atas sebuah pasar raya KB Mall di sini.

Jurucakap polis yang mengesahkan perkara itu berkata berdasarkan laporan awal kejadian itu berlaku pada pukul 5.40 petang.

  FathilPutra-7 ®™ 

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Get your preferred Email name!
Now you can and

Studies: Almost All Young Males Watch Porn, a Third of Both Genders are "Sexting"

A University of Montreal study looked at the porn watching habits of men. As the researchers could not find any 20 year old males who didn't watch porn, they focused on those who did. They found that men, both in relationships and single regularly watched porn. (Source: Alltop)

Another new study says that a third of people "sext" -- send explicit picture messages. Half of those who do it think its normal and healthy, while the others think it's sick, but do it anyhow. (Source: Gizmodo)
The sexual revolution continues with the help of the internet and modern technology

The "sexual revolution" began in the 1960s when oral contraceptives saw FDA approval for the first time, reducing the risk of unwanted pregnancy. Since then society has struggled to keep up with a variety of sexual changes, such as growing acceptance of fetishes, alternate sexual orientations, and sexual entertainment.

Two new studies examine how technology has impacted the tail end of the sexual revolution, which is occurring today. The first, looks at the pornography viewing habits of males in their 20s. The study wanted to compare males who watched porn to those who didn't indulge. However, the researchers were unable to find a man who had not be exposed to pornography.

Professor Simon Louis Lajeunesse a researcher at the University of Montreal and leader of the study, comments, "We started our research seeking men in their 20s who had never consumed pornography. We couldn't find any."

Undeterred, the researchers thrust ahead, and examined the habits of men who did watch pornography, which, as former presidential candidate Sarah Palin would say, was "all of them." Of the 20 heterosexual males who participated in the study, the average age for the first time viewing porn was 10 years old. Approximately 90 percent of the porn viewed, by the participants' estimations, came from online sources, while 10 percent came from old-fashioned adult entertainment stores.

There were slight differences between the viewing habits of single men and men in a relationship. Single men indulged for 40 minutes, three times a week, while those in relationships watched it 1.7 times a week for around 20 minutes. The study found that the porn did nothing to alter the men's sexual preferences, as they quickly discarded material they found offensive. Comments Professor Lajenesse, "Not one subject had a pathological sexuality. In fact, all of their sexual practices were quite conventional. Pornography hasn't changed their perception of women or their relationship, which they all want to be as harmonious and fulfilling as possible"

Another intriguing study was performed by MTV, who asked participants a variety of questions on the growing practice of "sexting" -- sending explicit pictures of oneself or others to friends or significant others. Of the participants, one third said they sexted at least once. Another interesting tidbit of information revealed by the study is that approximately 1 in 6 (17 percent) of those who received sexts forwarded them to someone else. Also interesting was that half of those who sexted thought the practice was normal and healthy, while the others found it disgusting and wrong, but for some reason were doing it anyways.

Those looking to jump on the emerging sexting sexual revolution should beware as they may find a sticky legal mess on their hands. Sexting with underage individuals, even if you are underage yourself can result in you being charged for sex offenses. Several teenage boys have been labeled as sex offenders, been kicked out of jobs and colleges, and found their futures destroyed after being caught sexting and charged.

26 November 2009

Sun Mega Tsunami - Monster Waves on the Sun are Real

Sesiapa yang tengok Movie 2012 pada babak awal ada menyebut berkaitan pergerakan neutrinos "from a massive solar flare are acting as microwaves, causing the temperature of the Earth's core to increase rapidly"...... adegan ledakan haba panas matahari.

Di dalam penyelidikan NASA iaitu NASA's STEREO (Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory) memang terdapat ledakan api solar yang dipanggil "solar tsunami" seperti yang terdapat pada bulan Februari 2009.

Monster Waves on the Sun are Real

November 24, 2009: Sometimes you really can believe your eyes. That's what NASA's STEREO (Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory) spacecraft are telling researchers about a controversial phenomenon on the sun known as the "solar tsunami."

Years ago, when solar physicists first witnessed a towering wave of hot plasma racing along the sun's surface, they doubted their senses. The scale of the thing was staggering. It rose up higher than Earth itself and rippled out from a central point in a circular pattern millions of kilometers in circumference. Skeptical observers suggested it might be a shadow of some kind—a trick of the eye—but surely not a real wave.

"Now we know," says Joe Gurman of the Solar Physics Lab at the Goddard Space Flight Center. "Solar tsunamis are real."

The twin STEREO spacecraft confirmed their reality in February 2009 when sunspot 11012 unexpectedly erupted. The blast hurled a billion-ton cloud of gas (a "CME") into space and sent a tsunami racing along the sun's surface. STEREO recorded the wave from two positions separated by 90o, giving researchers an unprecedented view of the event:

see caption

Above: A solar tsunami seen by the STEREO spacecraft from orthogonal points of view. The gray part of the animation has been contrast-enhanced by subtracting successive pairs of images, resulting in a "difference movie."

"It was definitely a wave," says Spiros Patsourakos of George Mason University, lead author of a paper reporting the finding in the Astrophysical Journal Letters. "Not a wave of water," he adds, "but a giant wave of hot plasma and magnetism."

The technical name is "fast-mode magnetohydrodynamical wave"—or "MHD wave" for short. The one STEREO saw reared up about 100,000 km high, and raced outward at 250 km/s (560,000 mph) packing as much energy as 2400 megatons of TNT (1029 ergs).

Solar tsunamis were discovered back in 1997 by the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO). In May of that year, a CME came blasting up from an active region on the sun's surface, and SOHO recorded a tsunami rippling away from the blast site.

"We wondered," recalls Gurman, "is that a wave—or just a shadow of the CME overhead?"

SOHO's single point of view was not enough to answer the question—neither for that first wave nor for many similar events recorded by SOHO in years that followed.

The question remained open until after the launch of STEREO in 2006. At the time of the February 2009 eruption, STEREO-B was directly over the blast site while STEREO-A was stationed at right angles —"perfect geometry for cracking the mystery," says co-author Angelos Vourlidas of the Naval Research Lab in Washington DC. (diagram)

see captionThe physical reality of the waves has been further confirmed by movies of the waves crashing into things. "We've seen the waves reflected by coronal holes (magnetic holes in the sun's atmosphere)," says Vourlidas. "And there is a wonderful movie of a solar prominence oscillating after it gets hit by a wave. We call it the 'dancing prominence.'"

Right: The dancing prominence (circled). Watch it bounce up and down after getting hit by a faint but powerful solar tsunami: 4 MB gif animation, 54 MB Quicktime movie.

Solar tsunamis pose no direct threat to Earth. Nevertheless, they are important to study. "We can use them to diagnose conditions on the sun," notes Gurman. "By watching how the waves propagate and bounce off things, we can gather information about the sun's lower atmosphere available in no other way."

"Tsunami waves can also improve our forecasting of space weather," adds Vourlidas, "Like a bull-eye, they 'mark the spot' where an eruption takes place. Pinpointing the blast site can help us anticipate when a CME or radiation storm will reach Earth."

And they're pretty entertaining, too. "The movies," he says, "are out of this world."

Editor's note: Scroll down to the "more information" section for a selection of solar tsunami movies.

Author: Dr. Tony Phillips | Credit: Science@NASA


Matahari dari dekat (5,000 KM)

Imej matahari yang paling jelas diperolehi oleh Royal Swedish Academy Of
Science pada 14 nov 2002 melalui Swedish Solar Telescope


Sebagai Renungan:

Diriwayatkan bahawa Rasululallah pernah menceritakan betapa asalnya kejadian api di dunia ini. Setelah nabi Adam dihantar ke dunia kerana kesalahanya memakan buah larangan maka Allah swt telah memerintahkan Jibril as supaya mengambil api dari neraka untuk dihantar ke dunia untuk kegunaan nabi Adam as. Maka jibril as pun diperintahkan untuk meminta api tersebut daripada malaikat penjaga api neraka iaitu Zabaniah.

Jibril: wahai zabaniah, aku diperintah untuk mengambil sedikit api neraka untuk dihantar ke dunia bagi kegunaan Adam as.

Zabaniah: sebanyak mana sedikit itu ?

Jibril: sebesar kurma...

Zabaniah: kalau sebesar buah kurma api neraka itu engkau bawa nescaya akan cairlah tujuh lapis langit dan tujuh lapis bumi akibat kepanasanya.

Jibril: kalau begitu berilah aku sebesar separuh dari buah kurma...

Zabaniah: kalau sebesar separuh buah kurma api neraka ini engkau letakan di dunia nescaya tidak akan turun walaupun setitik hujan dari langit dan tidak ada suatu pun tumbuhan akan tumbuh di bumi nanti..

Memandangkan keadaan yang rumit ini maka Jibril as pun menghadap Allah untuk mendapatkan saiz yang perlu dihantar ke dunia. Allah swt pun memerintahkan supaya Jibril mengambil sebesar ZARAH sahaja dari api neraka untuk dibawa ke dunia. Maka Jibril as pun mengambil api neraka sebesar zarah dari Zabaniah tetapi oleh kerana kepanasan yang keterlaluan api neraka sebesar zarah itu terpaksa disejukan dengan mencelupnya sebanyak 70 kali ke dalam sungai di syurga dan sebanyak 70 buah sungai. = 70 x 70

Selepas itu Jibril as pun membawa api itu turun ke dunia dan diletakan di atas sebuah bukit yang tinggi, tetapi sejurus setelah diletakan tiba-tiba bukit itu terus meleleh cair maka cepat-cepat jibril mengambil semula api tersebut dan dihantar semula ke neraka.

Hanya sisa-sisanya sajalah yang terdapat di dunia ini seperti api yang sering kita gunakan untuk pelbagai keperluan dan juga api yang terdapat di gunung berapi dan lain-lain lagi.

PENGAJARAN: Bayangkanlah kepanasan api neraka yg sebesar zarah yang terpaksa disejukan dalam 70 buah sungai dengan sebanyak 70 celup setiap sungai dan hanya sisanya saja itupun manusia tidak dapat bertahan akan kepanasanya bagaimana dengan api di neraka itu sendiri.

Rasulullah s.a.w. bersabda, maksudnya:

"Sesungguhnya orang yang paling aku kasihi di sisiku ialah seorang mukmin yang keadaannya serba sederhana, tetapi rajin mengerjakan solat (wajib dan sunat), dia baik dalam beribadah kepada Tuhan dan selalu taat kepadaNya secara diam-diam"

(Riwayat Tarmizi)

Rasulullah s.a.w. bersabda maksudnya:

"Sesungguhnya orang yang sangat aku kasihi dan terdekat padaku di hari kiamat ialah yang terbaik budi pekertinya.

Dan orang yang sangat aku benci dan terjauh daripadaku pada hari kiamat ialah orang yang banyak bercakap, sombong dalam percakapannya dan berlagak menunjukkan kepandaiannya"

(Riwayat Tarmizi)

Rasulullah s.a.w. bersabda maksudnya:

"Barangsiapa yang bertaubat kepada Allah selagi belum terbit matahari dari arah barat, maka Allah menerima taubatnya"

(Riwayat Muslim)

Rasulullah s.a.w. bersabda maksudnya:

"Ingatlah kepada Allah dalam masa senangmu, nescaya Dia akan mengingatimu di masa susah"


Tanda-tanda Kiamat

Menurut agama Islam merupakan suatu petunjuk atau isyarat yang sudah hampirnya Hari Kiamat. Bermula dengan tanda-tanda kecil dan kemudian disusuli dengan tanda-tanda besar.

Tanda-tanda besar

  • Keluar sejenis binatang dari perut bumi yang digelar Dabbatul Ardhi.
  • Lahirnya Dajjal.
  • Keluar asap tebal.
  • Turunnya Nabi Isa a.s.
  • Kemunculan Imam Mahdi.
  • Matahari terbit dari ufuk barat.
  • Keluarnya suku Yakjuj dan Makjuj.
  • Diangkat al-Quran dan perkara-perkara yang baik
  • Terdengar tiupan sangkakala pertama.
  • Ada azan tak dijawab
  • 3 kali gempa bumi, sekali di timur, sekali di barat, dan yang ketiga di Semenanjung Arab.

Tanda-tanda kecil

Didapati kini bahawa seluruh tanda-tanda kecil telah muncul dan terbukti seperti yang dinyatakan dalam hadis. Kebanyakan hadis-hadis ini dapat ditemukan di dalam Sahih Muslim, Sahih Bukhari dan Riwayat Tarmizi.

  • Penaklukan Baitulmuqaddis
Dari Auf b. Malik r.a., katanya, "Rasulullah s. a. w. telah bersabda:"Aku menghitung enam perkara menjelang hari kiamat." Baginda menyebutkan salah satu di antaranya, iaitu penaklukan Baitulmuqaddis." - Sahih Bukhari
  • Zina bermaharajalela
"Dan tinggallah manusia-manusia yang buruk, yang seenaknya melakukan persetubuhan seperti himar (keldai). Maka pada zaman mereka inilah kiamat akan datang." - Sahih Muslim
  • Pemimpin yang terdiri dari orang yang jahil dan fasik
  • Bermaharajalela alat muzik
Pada akhir zaman akan terjadi tanah runtuh, rusuhan dan perubahan muka."Ada yang bertanya kepada Rasulullah; "Wahai Rasulullah bila hal ini terjadi?" Baginda menjawab; "Apabila telah bermaharajalela bunyi-bunyian (muzik) dan penyanyi-penyanyi wanita" - Ibnu Majah
  • Menghias masjid dan membanggakannya
Di antara tanda-tanda telah dekatnya kiamat ialah manusia bermegah-megahan dalam mendirikan masjid" - Riwayat Nasai.
  • Munculnya kekejian, memutuskan kerabat dan hubungan dengan tetangga tidak baik
Tidak akan datang kiamat sehingga banyak perbuatan dan perkataan keji, memutuskan hubungan silaturahim dan sikap yang buruk dalam tetangga." - Riwayat Ahmad dan Hakim
  • Ramai orang menuntut ilmu kerana pangkat dan kedudukan
  • Ramai orang soleh meninggal dunia
Tidak akan datang hari kiamat sehingga Allah mengambil orang-orang yang baik dan ahli agama dimuka bumi, maka tiada yang tinggal padanya kecuali orang-orang yang hina dan buruk yang tidak mengetahui yang makruf dan tidak mengingkari kemungkaran - Riwayat Ahmad
  • Orang hina mendapat kedudukan terhormat
Di antara tanda-tanda semakin dekatnya kiamat ialah dunia akan dikuasai oleh Luka' bin Luka'(orang yang bodoh dan hina). Maka orang yang paling baik ketika itu ialah orang yang beriman yang diapit oleh dua orang mulia" - Riwayat Thabrani
  • Mengucapkan salam kepada orang yang dikenalnya sahaja
"Sesungguhnya di antara tanda-tanda telah dekatnya hari kiamat ialah manusia tidak mahu mengucapkan salam kepada orang lain kecuali yang dikenalnya saja." - Riwayat Ahmad
  • Banyak wanita yang berpakaian tetapi hakikatnya telanjang
Diriwayatkan dari Abu Hurairah r.a.
"Di antara tanda-tanda telah dekatnya hari kiamat ialah akan muncul pakaian-pakaian wanita dan apabila mereka memakainya keadaannya seperti telanjang."
  • Bulan sabit kelihatan besar
Di antara tanda-tanda telah dekatnya hari kiamat ialah menggelembung (membesarnya) bulan sabit." - Riwayat Thabrani
  • Banyak dusta dan tidak tepat dalam menyampaikan berita
Pada akhir zaman akan muncul pembohong-pembohong besar yang datang kepadamu dengan membawa berita-berita yang belum pernah kamu dengar dan belum pernah didengar oleh bapa-bapa kamu sebelumnya, kerana itu jauhkanlah dirimu dari mereka agar mereka tidak menyesatkanmu dan memfitnahmu" - Sahih Muslim
  • Banyak saksi palsu dan menyimpan kesaksian yang benar
Sesungguhnya sebelum datangnya hari kiamat akan banyak kesaksian palsu dan disembunyikan kesaksian yang benar" - Riwayat Ahmad
  • Negara Arab menjadi padang rumput dan sungai
Tidak akan datang hari kiamat sehingga negeri Arab kembali menjadi padang rumput dan sungai-sungai." - Sahih Muslim
  • Banyaknya sifat bohong dan ia menjadi perkata biasa
  • Jarak-jarak antara pasar menjadi dekat (menunjukkan banyaknya kegiatan perdagangan)
Banyaknya sifat bohong, pendeknya waktu, dekatnya jarak-jarak antara pasar-pasar." - Riwayat Bukhari
  • Manusia mewarnai rambut di kepalanya dengan warna hitam supaya kelihatan muda
Pada akhir zaman akan muncul suatu kaum yang mencelupi rambut mereka dengan warna hitam seperti 'bulu merpati' yang mereka itu tidak akan mencium bau syurga." - Sahih Abu Daud & Nasai
  • Kekayaan umum dikuasai segelintir orang tanpa kebenaran dan tanpa rasa takut, termasuk rasuah dan mengambil harta secara tersembunyi.

  • Akan terdapat banya pengkritik, pembawa-cerita, penikam-belakang dan pengejek dalam masyarakat.

  • Orang akan mendirikan hubungan dengan orang tak dikenali dan memutuskan hubungan dengan yang rapat dan disayangi.

  • Orang akan melakukan homoseksual.

  • Akan terdapat ramai anak luar nikah.

- Abdullah Ibn Mas'ood (R.A.)

  • Berkurangnya sifat amanah

  • Terasa berat untuk menjalankan syariah (zakat dijadikan hutang)

  • Lelaki mentaati isterinya tetapi menderhakai ibunya

  • Lelaki berkasar dengan bapanya tetapi beramah dengan rakannya

  • Suara manusia meninggi (menjerit dan berteriak) di masjid-masjid

  • Pemimpin suatu kaum adalah keji dan pemimpin suatu suku adalah fasik

  • Lelaki dihormati bukan kerana budi dan kebaikan tetapi kerana takut akan kejahatannya
Dari Ali dan Abu Hurairah r.a.: "Apabila harta rampasan perang (milik umum) dikuasai segelintir orang sahaja, barang amanah menjadi rampasan, harta zakat menjadi hutang, seorang lelaki mentaati isterinya dan menderhakai ibunya, berbuat baik kepada temannya dan berbuat kasar kepada bapanya, suara-suara tinggi di masjid-masjid, yang menjadi pemimpin suatu kaum (bangsa) adalah orang yang hina (berkelakuan/bersifat keji) di antara mereka dan orang yang menjadi ketua suatu suku (kabilah) adalah orang fasik di antara mereka, seorang lelaki dihormati kerana takut jahatnya, arak biasa diminum, sutera biasa dipakai (oleh lelaki), munculnya penyanyi perempuan dan alat-alat muzik, orang yang di kalangan umat terkemudian akan melaknat (mengutuk) umat terdahulu, maka ketika itu hendaklah mereka menunggu kedatangan angin merah atau pembalikan bumi atau keburukan bentuk-bentuk atau tanda-tanda yang beriringan seperti tali yang putus maka jatuhlah biji secara berterusan". - Riwayat Tarmizi

  • Anggota polis semakin ramai yang menunjukkan semakin banyak kerosakan

  • Mendahulukan lelaki menjadi imam bukan kerana ilmu tetapi kerana suara.

  • Penjualan jawatan atau kepemimpinan (politik wang)

  • Memandang rendah kepada darah
Rasulullah bersabda: "Bersegeralah untuk melakukan amal soleh apabila telah muncul enam perkara: perlantikan pemimpin yang boodoh, ramainya bilangan anggota polis, penjualan kepemimpinan, tiada penghargaan terhadap darah, pemutusan silaturrahim, orang mabuk menjadikan al-Quran sebagai alat nyanyi yang mereka mendahulukan seseorang antara mereka menjadi imam agar dapat menyanyikannya walaupun orang tersebut paling sedikit ilmunya." - Sahih Riwayat Tabrani & Ahmad

  • Seorang isteri bekerja dalam satu syarikat dengan suaminya. (Malah isteri berpangkat lebih besar)
Dari riwayat Ibnu Masud: "Di pintu gerbang (dekatnya) hari kiamat: Salam hanya kepada orang yang khusus (sudah dikenalinya), tersebar dan berkembangnya perdagangan sehingga seorang isteri membantu suaminya berdagang" - Sahih Lighairihi Riwayat Ahmad

  • Munculnya gaya hidup mewah dan manja di kalangan umat Islam
Apabila umatku berjalan dengan sombong dan yang melayan mereka adalah putera-puteri raja, putera-puteri Parsi dan Rom, maka orang yang paling buruk akan berkuasa terhadap orang yang paling baik (pilihannya)." - Riwayat Tarmizi, Sahih Abdullah ibnu Umar r.a.

  • Orang fasik dimuliakan sedangkan orang mulia dan terhormat direndahkan
Sungguh hebat dia, sunggu jarang orang seperti dia dan sungguh pintar dia sedangkan di dalamnya tidak ada iman sedikitpun" - Riwayat Bukhari, Muslim, Ahmad, Tarmizi, Ibnu Majah

  • Banyak orang berharap untuk mati kerana banyaknya kekacauan ataupun kesengsaraan
"Tidak akan berlaku kiamat sehingga apabila seorang lelaki melalui sebuah kubur maka ia akan berkata: 'Aduhai seandainya aku juga berada ditempatnya.'" - Riwayat Bukhari dan Muslim
  • Banyaknya berlaku gempa bumi
  • Banyaknya berlaku huru-hara yang menyebarkan kejahatan
  • Banyaknya berlaku pergaduhan dan pembunuhan
"Kiamat tidak akan berlaku kecuali apabila ilmu telah diangkat, banyaknya berlaku gempa bumi, timbulnya huru-hara dan banyak pergaduhan iaitu pembunuhan - Sahih Bukhari
  • Munculnya mati mendadak atau mati secara tiba-tiba

  • Masjid dijadikan jalan iaitu seseorang muslim melalui masjid tanpa melakukan solat
Masjid dijadikan sebagai jalan-jalan dan timbulnya mati mendadak" - Hasan At-Tayalisy.